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Cletus Kasady/"Carnage"
Because I can't resist trolling all over that community, and to keep from the other tracking post to get too cluttered:

Claire mentions she has healing powers - Carnage is curious.

Phoenix Wright wants to know about escape from Landels

Robin Hood asks around for Marion...

Barret starts a "Your Momma's So_____" bulletin targeted at Kadaj. - Kasady joins in, only to be pestered by a certain clone trooper (Darman)

In the same Bulletin, Carnage tries to spoil Harry Potter for Rabastan - Brock is not impressed with Kasady's choice of reading.

Renji isn't happy with the food the Institute offers and demands a different kind - Carnage laughs at him.

They come back from the surprise at the chapel - and can't resist being assholishly vague about it.

Tamaki mentions that a Host Club will be starting in Landels - Kasady isn't too sure on what that is exactly and asks. Tamaki doesn't get it at first but is horrified by it once Elena clears it up for him.

Alucard requests the staff serve blood - Kasady feels its his civic duty to make a recommendation.

Elena asks about Final Fantasy 7 - Carnage wonders if it's a Dungeons and Dragons/tabletop game.

They gloat to the message board about a successful hunt.
Cletus Kasady/"Carnage"
28 November 2006 @ 01:36 am
Carnage has a name for almost everybody he runs into~!

Cletus Kasady/"Carnage"
24 September 2006 @ 04:26 am
Heeheehee, so it's back in one of these places.

We would like to know how they caught us. A lot of bullets and media attention and people dying in a glorious blood bath before they managed it, right?

We hope so!!!
Cletus Kasady/"Carnage"
22 September 2006 @ 07:46 pm
Dayshift: Day 18

(Intro post) Kasady wakes up at Landels, and decides not to break out quite yet. - (Solo)

(Courtyard) They check out the other patients...and sense Venom. - (With Malice/Alex and Eddie Brock)

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